Indigo Child Test

What is an Indigo Child?

Indigo Children were the first wave of star children to arrive on Earth, with most born between 1970 and 1992. They were followed later by the Crystal and Rainbow children.

Indigo children are so called as they are born onto the Indigo Soul Ray which is linked to incarnation and evolution. These special children have natural healing abilities and are often sensitive and creative among many other traits. They can have difficulty with authority and live by their own rules from a very young age. School and adolescence can become a battle for these warrior children. The purpose of the indigo children was and is still to change the archaic energy grid of the planet. A million small changes undertaken by millions of indigo children around the world altered the energy grid in order to create a pathway for the crystal children which were to follow them.

You can read more in depth article about Indigo Children, along with Rainbow or Crystal children in our Article Section or take this Indigo Child test to see if you or your child qualify as an Indigo. There are 30 questions so make sure you have some time to answer all of them.

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