Top 10 Most Common Dreams and their Meanings

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19th September 2013
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Top 10 Most Common Dreams and their Meanings

Dream Meanings

What does your dream mean?

Despite the fact that millions of people claim not to dream, they really do; it’s just that they can’t remember doing it. Everybody dreams, and it would appear that there are a number of common themes shared by everyone on the planet. People have been using dream interpretation for millennia in order to try and understand the meanings of their dreams, to derive what guidance they can from them and what relevance they have to their everyday lives. In the most recent dream study carried out a list of common themes was compiled. The following list contains the ten most commonly themed dreams in ascending order, and their accepted meanings.

Vehicle Trouble: Commonly the vehicle involved is a car, but not always. In these dreams the vehicle either becomes uncontrollable or has a problem which simply cannot be fixed. It could be that the brakes fail to work as you roll downhill, or the car will refuse to steer you out of danger. Occasionally you will be the driver, at other times the passenger, in either scenario you have no control over the situation you are in. It is widely believed that these types of dreams signify that there is something in your life that you feel you are powerless to do anything about, and that you feel you are heading for disaster. It’s time to look at your life and change your situation.

Mechanical & Technological Problems: In your dream it may be your role to operate a piece of machinery, only it will not work or starts working incorrectly. Many people discover that they have issues with telephones in their dreams. They find that they are unable to dial the right number, constantly end up with the wrong number or they lose the connection once the call has been established. This dream is widely considered to signify that the dreamer is losing touch with the reality around them, their minds are not focused and distracting them away from their life priorities. It can also be interpreted as indicating anxiety about making new relationships or forming a connection with another person.

Being Lost or Trapped:
It is very common to dream about being lost, it is generally a reflection on how you feel in life, especially when you are at a point when you need to make a decision about something. In the dreams people are generally trying to get out of somewhere, be it a large building a forest for example. These dreams can also involved being trapped or imprisoned, buried alive or tangled in a web. There is generally a high level of anxiety and terror attached to these kinds of dreams. They are a reflection on how you are feeling in your real life, perhaps trapped by a decision that needs to be made or a move you need to make to improve your situation.

Missing a Connection: It could be a train, boat, plane or other means of travel but you will generally be dashing to catch it, only to see it leave without you. There is no fear associated with this dream, but there are high levels of frustration involved. The same type of dream often involves missing important events because you turned up late, or the event has already started without you. These dreams symbolise the way that you feel you have personally missed out on a real life opportunity. They generally start when you have a decision about your future to make.

Failing an Exam: This kind of dream is more common in adults that have long since left the realm of formal education behind. Everything in the dream seems to be conspiring against you so that no matter what you do you will be unable to pass the test that you have been set, or you may not even be able to get to the venue where the test is taking place. You may be missing vital pieces of equipment needed to take the test or be totally unprepared for what awaits you. These dreams are interpreted as meaning that you are being tried some way, tested in your real life. You may feel as though you are heading in the wrong direction and unprepared for what lies ahead.

Illness and Death: It could be you, or a loved one who is either sick, has been injured or is dying in your dream. This dream in remarkably common and often occurs after an illness in the family or of close friends has been announced. It can also signify that you are afraid that you are going to be hurt emotionally rather than physically. It can also occur as a warning that you or a loved one is placing themselves at risk through their actions. When an individual in your dream dies you are losing a part of yourself which they represented.

The Chase: Some of the worst nightmares involve being chased. The thing chasing you could be a person a monster or some other frightening thing such as a large animal. These dreams are interpreted as a reflection of you feeling threatened by something or someone in your real life. Look at the creature that is chasing you and then find the thing that they most resemble in your waking life for a clue as to where these feelings are coming from.

Rotten or Missing Teeth:
Though they sound unusual dreams about teeth are incredibly common. They usually involve teeth decaying or that are missing, many involve the teeth actually falling out. At a very base level the dream means that we fear be are becoming unattractive, though it can also be viewed as a reflection of an embarrassment we have felt, or that we have had had some real life power taken away from us.

Nudity: Not always nude, sometimes you could find that you are dressed inappropriately for a situation; like wearing your pyjamas to work for example. The dream is often associated with feelings of shame and embarrassment but there may also be a sense of freedom involved too. In interpretation terms nudity dreams generally indicate that you are feeling exposed, embarrassed, vulnerable or awkward in a situation. It could be that you feel you have revealed too much information about yourself to someone. It is a very common dream to have before your wedding.
This has to be the most common theme shared by dreamers all over the world. In the dream we are falling and of course along with the sense of falling comes the fear. Occasionally falling through the air is replaced with sinking down through water, but the premise is the same. Either we are going to hit the ground with a thud or we are going to drown. These dreams tend to indicate that there is something in our lives which is making us feel insecure, lacking support or feeling generally overwhelmed. If you start dreaming you are falling or sinking, take a step back and look at your life and try and identify where you are feeling overwhelmed or unsupported and address the issue. Once the problems have been addressed the dreams should stop.


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