The Law of Attraction – Attracting Positivity and Abundance

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The Law of Attraction – Attracting Positivity and Abundance


How many times have you hear the phrase ‘money attracts money’ or the ‘like attracts like’? Believe it or not this is a simple way of explaining what the Law of Attraction is all about. In essence what you put out into the Universe is what you attract back into your life. If that sounds too simple to be true then you are missing out on understanding one of the fundamental laws of the Universe.


All our our thoughts are manifested through our own energy. We put into them all of our emotions, which could be good or bad; hope or fear – and then we send this loaded energy out into the Universe. It become a magnet to other energies of a similar vibration, again either good or bad. The more you think about or worry about a certain subject the more of that energy you are sending out, and the more it is attracting like energy back to the point where it is manifested in the physical universe and your life.
Our emotions are energy magnifiers, the more intense the emotions behind out thoughts the faster the Universal energy bounces back into out lives. Put simply, the more positive the thought process and the more positive the emotions we charge those thoughts with, the faster positive energy will come back to us and provide us with a positive life experience. It also works the other way. The more we worry or fear a certain event, the more we think about it and dwell upon in, the more negativity we are attracting from the universe and the more likely it is to manifest as a negative life experience.

We, as physical beings are responsible for our own life experiences. Life simply does not happen around us, as beings of vibrational energy we are responsible for attracting like energies into our physical world which ultimately creates our life experiences. Everything we have surrounding us, good or bad is something that we ourselves have created through the manifestation of our own thoughts and feelings.

It is important therefore to look at our thought processes and see how the way we think, feel and act are affecting our daily lives. Many of us spend too much time worrying about what is going to happen that we lose sight of what the positive outcome of any situation could be. Loose sight of the positivity and all you are focussing on is the negativity and so this ultimately is the outcome that you will experience. It is not easy to change the way that we think, the way that we process our thoughts and feelings is a behaviour that we have learned and developed over time. In many cases we have programmed ourselves to expect a negative outcome so that we do not have to face disappointment. Small steps are required to reprogram ourselves to think positive, be happy and in control of our own life experiences. When we make those small internal changes we will notice more positivity and abundance in our physical lives.


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