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What is the Higher Self?

What is the Higher Self?

There are many different belief systems around the world that speak of there being a Higher and Lower Self, but what does this actually mean? To put in the simplest terms possible, the lower self is the physical being. Whilst the Higher self can be described as your Soul Consciousness, the real you. Whilst the Lower Self in on the Earth for a finite time, subject to ailments, injury, and death; the Higher Self is eternal.

What is the Purpose of the Higher Self?

It is widely believed that is the Higher Self that is the little voice of conscience that we often here when in doubt. It is also the source of intuition and inspiration. Whenever you are looking for insight into a problem or situation, it is the Higher Self that you are asking for help. Everything that your physical or Lower Self experiences, such as thoughts and desires, as well as secret fantasies and dreams are all known to the Higher Self. You may feel that right now you know everything that you need to know about the person that you are. However, it is highly unlikely that you have spent any time at all communicating with the real you, your Higher Self. By opening a communication channel to this higher level of consciousness can lead to an individual experiencing far more frequent inspirational flashes. They can become more intuitive and their lives can become greatly enhanced.

The Higher/Lower Self Paradox

It sounds odd that you seemingly need to make an appointment to interact with your higher consciousness, considering that as the being that you are, you are essentially always connected. The higher and lower consciousness are connected continually as the physical cannot be separated. While we as physical beings can often feel separate from the world around us, there is always a connection to our higher consciousness, despite us not realising it. For many people is can be difficult to understand this dual energy status that we exist in. We as creature like to know details, to understand where one thing ends and other starts. The human energy form is not so simple to understand. It is not a case of the Lower Self, the physical being ending and the Higher self beginning; there is overlap, continuity and a dual existence at all times.

Listening to Your Higher Self

Actively listening to your higher consciousness can guide you in ways that you may never have realised. Your own higher consciousness can guide you in ways that will have immense impact on your physical life, providing you with a much more meaningful existence on a day to day basis. Signs that you are strengthening an active communication channel can result on more experiences of premonition, instinctual knowledge, and heightened levels of intuition as the Higher Self tries to guide you along the right path. Pay more attention to your gut feelings and your natural instincts, as these are the channels through which communication is made.

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