What is Psychic Protection and Why Do I Need It?

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What is Psychic Protection and Why Do I Need It?

Psychic Protection

For someone with even the slightest of psychic gifts getting to grips with the ins and out of psychic protection is essential; but what exactly is it? How does it work? Perhaps more importantly the question should be How do I do it?

It has been said many times that to spirit, someone with the ‘gift’ will shine out from the crowd like a beacon allowing them to make straight for them in the hopes of some method of spirit to earth plain communication. Having psychic protection in place can limit the amount on unwanted attention you receive on a daily basis. There is however, much more to psychic protection that this though as it also works as a shield to the negative emotions of those that you find yourself interacting with on a daily basis. If you are at all emphatic you will know just how easy it is to pick up on the bad mood of someone else, or to feel ill or queasy the minute you walk into a doctors office or a hospital. Having the right level of protection in place will limit the effect that the feelings of others have over you and the way that you are feeling.

Types of Psychic Protection

As with most things in life different methods work better for different people, this is because no to people or the energies that they emit are the same. For some saying a few simple words of protection in the form of a prayer is enough to make them feel safe and protected, others prefer methods which include visualisations or even rituals involving crystals and candles. Essentially though, the method that you choose should be fast and effective so that you can summon up your protective shield at a moments notice. In essence you are creating an energy barrier between you and the seen and unseen worlds around you; placing yourself in a psychic bubble is a good way to think about it.

Simple Methods of Psychic Protection

Depending upon how advanced your psychic skills may be, or how much you feel you are influenced by the thoughts and feelings of those around you will have a bearing on the method of protection that you use. Psychic protection can also protect you against energy vampires, but that is a whole different subject. Here are some simple visualisations to get you started.

The Bubble Method: Visualise yourself in a bubble, an ordinary bubble is fine. Clearly state in your mind or out loud that the bubble is your shield, it defines your sacred space and that any energy that tries in intrude on that space is unwelcome and will not be allowed to enter. If you like you can upgrade the bubble to a mirrored ball, reflecting back any negativity directed towards you.

White Light Method: Visualise a ball of white light above your head, allow the light from the ball to enter through your crown chakra and travel down through the core of your body until another ball of light forms beneath your feet. Now concentrate on the core of light. With every inhale visualise the core expanding and growing larger, clearing out all stale energies and creating a positive space. Keep enlarging the core until it has expanded to the point where your entire body is encased by white light and you are surrounded by safety and positivity.

Which ever method you find works for you – and there are many different methods to choose from, should become a part of your daily routine. Pretty soon you will start to notice that you are surrounded by more peaceful energy.


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