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Psychic Pets

Psychic Pets

Animals have many abilities; not only do they deliver unconditional love to us their owners at all times, they are also employed in roles which benefit human kind. There are dogs trained to tell when a diabetic owner’s health is at risk; dogs that guide the blind, hearing assistance dogs and of course dogs used in search and rescue operations. It has also recently been discovered that dogs are sensitive to some cancers, able to detect them far in advance of the human that cares for them starting to experience any symptoms. So why are animals and dogs in particular so good at these things?

Energy Sensitives

Dogs and cats, plus many other animals like horses are extremely sensitive to the energy that surrounds them. They can detect when there is a subtle shift in the energy of their owners, whether they are experiencing a bad mood, feeling sad or even the onset of illness. The same sensitivities apply to energy in spirit form. When spirit enters the atmosphere there is a subtle shift in energy that an animal tends to pick up on faster than any human sensitive to such energies.

How many times has your dog or cat jumped as if startled, appeared to track an invisible object around the room, or sat motionless for all intents and purposes staring at a blank wall? They are seeing things, sensing things that the human senses do not readily perceive. Generally different animals react in different ways to spirit. Dogs are known to raise their hackles, occasional bare their teeth, growl or whine; whereas cats tend to become completely motionless, and seemingly on high alert. Horses on the other hand have been known to whinny in response to the appearance of spirit. When you notice an animal exhibiting any of these behaviours for what appears for no apparent reason it is time to try and tune in to the energies around you and see if you can pick up on what they are seeing and experiencing too.

Conversations with Psychic Pets

There are many who believe that communication is possible between pet and owner, communication that takes place is a psychic way. Communication like this relies heavily on their being a bond of love and trust between animal and human and works something like this…

Both human and animal should be in a relaxed state, without distractions. The human must then start to think like the animal, visualise the world as they do and take in all of the noises, scents and visual images that the animal experiences every day. Apart from anything else this is a useful exercise in assessing the quality of life experienced by your pet.

Next, start a conversation either out loud or mentally. Greet him or her, ask how they are feeling and then take note of the images that appear in your head, words that you hear or feelings that you experience. Ask about any issues they may have such as behavioural problems and work out a solution between you. Remember to end the conversation with a thank you and make sure you put any changes into place that you promised during the conversation. As with any psychic skill you will both get better at it with practice until it becomes almost second nature.

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