Empathy and Compassion
Empathy and Compassion
23rd February 2016
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13th April 2016
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Karma – What is it?


Karma is a much overused world these days, a word that many people really do not understand the meaning of. We talk about Karmic retribution in a number of ways using the popular phrases “what comes around goes around”, “I hope they get what’s coming to them” etc. We are even known to claim that the hardships that we are facing today are a result of our actions in a past life. All of these phrases and beliefs are perfectly valid, and make sense to millions of people. But ask someone to explain exactly what Karma is and they will most likely be lost for words.

Put as simply as possible, every action that you take creates consequences that you may or may not be aware of. Actions that are undertaken for the benefit of others create positive energy, whereas those which are carried out to harm or injure others will create negative energy. As the universe and all life in it is made up of energy vibrating at different wavelengths, the frequency of the positive or negative energy that we create will ‘attract’ similar energy to it, creating a karmic effect. Karma is not only about physical action it is also about intent. What we think and the thoughts that we create are also positive and negative.

If you are a person that goes through life thinking the worst in every situation, you are sending out masses of negative energy into the Universe which in accordance with karmic law will then be reflected back to you. Live your life with a positive outlook, see the good in things and perform acts of good will and karmic law will reward you in kind, filling your life with positivity and joy. We bring positivity to the world around us, this has an impact on the people that we come into contact with whether we intend it to or not. Spreading positivity is a good thing as it means that you are creating positivity everywhere you go, drawing more ‘good’ energy into your life in the form of good karma.

There is of course the theory that the life that we have today is a direct reflection of the life we lived previously. If we were a bad person in that life for example, there is the belief that in this life we will suffer the consequences, facing many hardships as punishment for the way that we behaved to others. This is considered karmic retribution, paying the penalty for deeds carries out in a different life and time. Of course the reverse is true, those people living a seemingly blessed and happy life can be seen as reaping the karmic rewards of having lived a blameless and ‘good’ life in the past.

There is a saying that ‘”Life is what you make it”, in terms of Karma this is indeed true. Make your life one of positivity, kindness and joy and you will be rewarded in kind by the Universe, in this life and in the next.


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