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How to meet your Spirit Guide

Spirit Guide

From the very moment we come into being in this world we are provided with a spirit guide, it is this energy which many people refer to as the voice of their conscience, the voice in their head which warns them of danger, stops them making a bad decision and generally keeps them safe. The truth though is that throughout our lives spirit guides come and go, each being sent to us to impart certain knowledge, help us through different points in our lives or provide us with essential support. Spirit guides represent many different things to different people. Some will only consider a loved one, a respected ancestor as their guide and refuse to believe that they could be guided by energies such as the spirits of Native Americans, Masai Warriors or ancient Chinese Monks. In reality though a spirit guide could be anyone, from any race or time as they are provided to us in terms of what we need in order to grow as individuals.

There are many meditations that can be used when you want to meet your spirit guide, but many are far too complicated than they need to be, the same applies to anyone wanting to meet their animal guide; many meditations and even rituals are long winded and in truth have been designed more for effect that for ultimate success. When you feel that you are ready for one of your guides to step forward, bear in mind that the one that you will meet will be the guide that is intrinsically linked to where you are in your life right now. There will of course be others waiting in the back ground for their time to step forward which you will undoubtedly meet in the future.

Take a quiet time in your day, a time when you will not be disturbed. Switch off your mobile phone and any other distractions that could cause an interruption. Sit comfortably with your feet firmly on the floor and go through the process of grounding yourself. This is as simple as imagining a white light entering through your crown, and travelling through your body until it emerges from the soles of your feet. Let the light flow from your feet deep into the ground below you, holding you firm and keeping you safe and grounded.

Next enter into a meditation, focus on your breathing and let it be known either by speaking out loud or in your head that it is your wish that your guide step forward and make themselves known to you. Some people are lucky enough to have this happen straight away, others require a deeper meditation and visualisation to be able to make contact. During this time be aware of any sounds, smells or sensations that you experience as they could all help you connect with your guide. Also note what kind of images pop into your head, as they will all be clues and links to your guide. It may well be that a couple of further meditations are required in order to strengthen the quality of the communication you receive. Always remember your manners and show a little respect to the energies which come forward, thank them for joining with you and offering to work with you.


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