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The Different Layers of an Aura

What is an Aura?

What is an Aura?

Everything in the universe is made from energy, and as such everything has its own energy signature. The human aura is the energy field that surrounds each and every one of us. It is oval shaped and made up of a variety of colours made from various vibrational energies. The human aura is made up of multiple layers of energy, each of which exists at different vibrational frequencies. It is widely believed that the shape, colour, and consistency of a person’s aura can provide information on the emotional, physical, and spiritual health and wellbeing of an individual, as well as reflecting the health and balance of the body’s chakra’s. The aura also contains a wealth of information which can be accessed by certain psychics and healers relating to both the past and the future of the individual. It is possible for the human aura to be photographed and requires the use of a Kirilian camera.

The Different Layers of the Aura

The aura is made up of seven distinct layers, also referred to as ‘subtle bodies’, these in turn correspond with the chakras. It is the energy emitted from each chakra that forms the auric layer. Physical, spiritual, and emotional health affects the size, shape, and brightness of these coloured layers.

· The Etheric Layer: This is the layer that is closest to the physical body, and contains information relating to physical health. The layer appears as shades of blue.

· The Second layer is referred to as the emotional layer. Colours in this layer can often have a rainbow-like effect. Where emotional issues are at play the colours can become dimmed and muddied. Problems that are experienced here are often responsible for negatively impacting on the etheric as well as the third layer.

· The Mental Layer: This is the third layer and contains information relating to thought process and ideas. This layer is usually made from shades of yellow.

· The Astral Layer: This fourth layer operates as a link to the spiritual realm, and acts as a doorway to the Astral Plane. The better an individual’s spiritual health, the more vibrant the rainbow colours of this layer.

· The Etheric Template: This fifth layer can vary in colour. It is believed to contain a master blueprint for all life forms in the physical world.

· The Celestial Aura: This sixth layer of the aura deals with communication with the spirit realm. It is also linked to feelings of ecstasy and unconditional love. This is the layer with the brightest, most shimmering of colours which appear as opalescent pastel hues.

· The Ketheric Template: The final, seventh layer of the aura contains all the layers together. Of all the seven layers, the Ketheric Layer operates at the highest frequency of all. It has been described as appearing as a series of bright gold threads. It is thought to reflect all of a person’s events that the soul has experienced and is ultimately a link to becoming one with the universe or Divine energy.

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