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Deja Vu – What is it?

Deja Vu

Put simply, the sensation commonly described as Deja Vu is the feeling that even though you are doing something for the first time, there is a kind of residual memory that makes you feel as though you have done whatever it was before. It could be that you are visiting a new place and have a sense of similarity with your surroundings, or that you are performing an action which feels like a repeat of something that you have already done before. Translated from the French, Deja Vu simply means ‘already seen’, which implies that you are revisiting an experience from the past.

Modern psychologists claim that the sensation of deja vu is caused by something called ‘source memory’, this is the part of the memory that is made up off all of the different things that have happened to us throughout our lives; the places we have been, the actions we have performed and the sensations of time and place. It is believed that upon entering a new situation, or experiencing a new life experience it can trigger something in the source memory that gives us the sensation that we have been in the same position before, even though we have not.

Although there is a less scientific belief as to what deja vu is and where the sensation comes from. For many spiritual people the sensation of having been somewhere before, or in the same situation before could be linked to something which their spirit experienced in a past life, a prior incarnation in another time period. This is extremely common in terms of visiting a new location and somehow knowing exactly how to get from one part of the place to another, as though you have an intimate knowledge of a town you have never previously visited. This is a kind of knowledge which like the source memory of the psychologists is linked to past experience, only it is outside of the terms of the function of the human brain and instead an imprint from the past onto the present, in for all intents and purposes is an entirely new experience.

There is no doubt that a strong feeling of deja vu can be a little unsettling, especially when it comes at you from out of the blue. But, if you take the time to analyse that feeling and find the links that have triggered the sensation you can make sense of the feeling of having ‘already seen’ yourself doing whatever it is you are doing. There are also some recorded cases of deja vu which rather than being related to things ‘already seen’ they have presented as something of a premonition, and the person involved has then gone on to experience exactly the same sensation which of course has triggered another episode of deja vu. Like many things that are linked to the brain and memory, deja vu will probably never be fully understood, and will always remain something of an enigma to those who experience it.

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