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20th June 2018
Stonehenge summer solstice

The Summer Solstice – Significance and Links to Stonehenge

Summer Solstice For those living in the Northern Hemisphere the Summer Solstice is celebrated around June 21st. It is the longest day of the year, where the abundance of light […]
5th March 2018
Signs of an angel presence

Recognising When Your Angels are Near

  There have been many studies done into the ways that our angels choose to communicate, and these studies have found that there are a number of ways that they […]
17th January 2018
Chakra Meditation

Chakra Meditation

What is Chakra Meditation? If you need to recharge your body, mind and soul then using chakra meditation is an excellent way to revitalise you from the inside out. Chakra […]
11th September 2017
What is the Higher Self?

What is the Higher Self?

There are many different belief systems around the world that speak of there being a Higher and Lower Self, but what does this actually mean? To put in the simplest […]
16th August 2017
What is an Aura?

The Different Layers of an Aura

What is an Aura? Everything in the universe is made from energy, and as such everything has its own energy signature. The human aura is the energy field that surrounds […]
31st October 2016

Halloween – Where did it all start?

Why do we celebrate Halloween? For many people Halloween is the holiday that is the most anticipated and looked forward too. It provides adults and children alike with the opportunity […]
1st June 2016
Deja Vu

Deja Vu – What is it?

Put simply, the sensation commonly described as Deja Vu is the feeling that even though you are doing something for the first time, there is a kind of residual memory […]
5th May 2016
Spirit Guide

How to meet your Spirit Guide

From the very moment we come into being in this world we are provided with a spirit guide, it is this energy which many people refer to as the voice […]
23rd February 2016

Karma – What is it?

Karma is a much overused world these days, a word that many people really do not understand the meaning of. We talk about Karmic retribution in a number of ways […]
10th February 2016
Rainbow Children

Rainbow Children

Who are Rainbow Children? The third generation of star children, the rainbow children started arriving after 2000. They are here to help us with the next stage of the evolutionary […]
13th January 2016
Crystal Children

Crystal Children

What are Crystal Children? One of the three categories of Star Children, crystal children started to appear from 1990 until around 2010, though there are a few of these children […]
13th January 2016
Indigo Children

Indigo Children

Star children can be divided into three categories; Crystal, Rainbow and Indigo Children. All of these children have chosen to be born to parents that will nurture their natural abilities […]