Soul Mates – Are they Real or Just a Myth?

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18th March 2015
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Soul Mates – Are they Real or Just a Myth?

Are soulmates real?

Millions of people spend their lives alone because they believe that there is only one person in the world that they could be happy with. They are holding out for their soul mate,

their one true love and they person that they think they should be spending the rest of their lives with. It’s sad really, as by doing this they are cutting themselves of from relationships which could be productive and fulfilling. They have in their head that soul mate = true love, and as romantic as this ideal is, it is not always the case.

Soul mates come in many guises. They can be partners and lovers of course, but they could also be members of your immediate family, or in your close circle of friends. So, if a soul mate isn’t all about finding the person your are supposed to spend the rest of your life with, just what is it?

In essence, a soul mate is another energy that we have walked the path of life with before. Somewhere in out past lives we have come together with this other energy and decided that together we can work through the life lessons that we set out for ourselves before we arrived on the earth plane. Of course once on this plane we have no recollection of those plans that we made, or who we made them with. We simply know that there is someone we are supposed to meet in this lifetime, someone important – and in many cases we spend our whole lives looking for the wrong person.

When you do meet your soul mate for the first time there should be some form of instant bond. You may share the same sense of humour, the same outlook on life or you may even feel that you have met them before. Occasionally, and only occasionally you will look into that persons eyes and know that you are going to spend the rest of your life with them. There is an instant connection, something unexplainable but something just so right. When that happens it is like something out of a romance novel, hard to grasp and difficult to understand but the connection between you is just too strong to ignore.

Is it possible then to have more than one soul mate? In theory of course it is! Why would we limit ourselves to forming just the one bond with someone that we have travelled with before? It makes sense that we would select several, if not many energies from our past lives to walk with us again, in the hopes that we can learn all it is that we set out to do right at the beginning.

The next time you hear someone talking about meeting Mr or Ms Right, remind them that their narrow vision is blinkering them to the possibilities of other relationships with the linked souls that surround them on a daily bases and come into their lives just when it appears they are needed.

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