Recognising When Your Angels are Near

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17th January 2018
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Recognising When Your Angels are Near

Signs of an angel presence


There have been many studies done into the ways that our angels choose to communicate, and these studies have found that there are a number of ways that they like to make themselves known. These indicators are accepted by millions of people as being signs of an angelic presence. You may have experienced them yourself, especially when you were feeling low or in need of guidance and never realised the significance of what they were.

Ten Accepted Signs of an Angelic Presence

White Feathers: While feathers on the ground may be quite common, these are the pure white feathers found in unexpected locations. They tend to appear when you have made a call upon your angels or if they are trying to attract your attention or let you know that they are there in a time of need. As you develop your relationship with your angels is it not uncommon for the colours of the feathers to change in order to impart further meaning to the message that they bring.

Shimmering Lights: There are a number of ways to describe this phenomenon such as shimming beams of light, dancing or shimmering rainbows, or golden glitter filled light rays. Often they ate light anomalies caught out of the corner of your eye which are unattributable to any light source in the room. People have also reported that alongside this phenomenon there is also a strange sense of anticipation that comes with it.

The Tough of Angel Wings:
Many people report the touch of an angel wing as being incredibly warm and loving, like being wrapped in the worlds softest blanked made from love. This is often referred to as an angel hug, something not seen with the eye, but felt by the body and heart. Depending on what an individual believes angel wings look like, they may feel the touch of feathers against their skin.

The Sound of Bells: Tinkling and chiming bells, especially in the late evening or early morning, generally when everything is quiet and still. While the bells are not audible we hear them through our natural clairaudient abilities. Often referred to as angelic music the sound can be very relaxing and comforting. It is often through that angels use this sound to calm restless babies.

Unexpected Scents: Generally a floral fragrance, unlike any garden you have ever experienced, the appearance of the scent will generally announce the arrival on an angel in the room. Different angels may have different scents and there will be one which appears more often or more strongly which can probably be attributed to your guardian angel, this will also probably be your favourite fragrance.

Butterflies: Moths and butterflies have long been associated with sprit. They are recognised as symbols of transformation and rebirth. Look for an unusually pattered butterfly, something not normally seen in your location, or a pretty moth. These creatures will come close to you, or remain motionless on your wall or window for an extended period of time. These symbols of angelic presence are often noted after someone has experienced a setback or a loss, when it is time to make a fresh start and move on.

Warm Spots: Almost as though you were standing close to a warm air vent or heater, not only do you feel the warmth but you are also provided with a sense of peace. This sensation is often felt when you are in a state of panic or high anxiety. The angels are trying to comfort you and help you remain calm, so remember to show them your gratitude for their help.

Choral Music: Not so common this one as it is generally thought to indicate the presence of an archangel. The choral music may only last a couple of seconds or so and no one else will probably notice it, but it will make quite an impression on those than do hear it. This should be taken as a sign that you have tuned into a higher angelic power.

Light Being: Millions of people have reported awaking from their slumber to find a being made entirely of gold or silver light stood by their beds. This is the time when our minds are more open to the possibility of angelic communication, when we are at our most clairvoyant. The appearance of the angel may also be accompanied by the fragrance mentioned earlier, if only briefly.

Having Your Name Called: Hearing you name being called in a rich, mellow voice which brings with it a sense of happiness and warmth, yet also a touch of sadness. Should you be in a position of danger or about to indulge in something stupid, then the voice with be loud and carry a sense of urgency which will pull you up short.

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