Past Lives: The Benefits of a Past life Reading

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Past Lives: The Benefits of a Past life Reading

past life reading

A past life reading can be eye opening, it can set you on the path to understanding what makes you who you are. There are more advantages to exploring your past lives than you realise…

Why is it beneficial?

A journey back into your past lives can help your present life in a variety of ways.

* It can find the root of deep-seated anxieties, helping to clear stress and anxiety in the present.

* Can help reveal the hidden sources of depression calm present-day feelings.

* Can help understand present-day relationship issues.

* Knowing what happened in the past can help you to understand current behaviour patterns.

* Journeying into the past can sometimes reveal lost talents which can be brought to the surface.

* Help to identify souls from the past that are with your now in the present.

* Reawaken your connection to your own spirituality.

* An opportunity to receive some spiritual guidance and life direction.

Past Life Reading Goals

The subconscious is a huge store of information that has been gathered across all your earthly incarnations. Some of these recorded events can manifest in the present as unexplained aches and pains or strange fears and phobias. During a past life reading connections can be made which explain why certain fears and reactions exist.

Clinical Therapies Don’t Always Work

Traditional therapies such as counselling, cognitive behavioural therapies and psychotherapy are good, they can uncover a lot and help people to understand themselves a little bit more. Unfortunately, they are unable to access the deep-seated trauma that was experienced in a past life, and therefore will be unable to treat the problem completely, merely provide a sticking plaster over the wound. Practically all therapists look to the past to find the cause of present problems, unfortunately they only look as far as an individual’s childhood.

Past life practitioners also believe that the symptoms experienced today are triggered by past events, only they look beyond the client’s current life time, before their childhood and birth experiences and into past life times and experiences. Being able to look back at the original root cause of the problem means that it can be addressed, understood and in many cases healed. It can also be a much faster process than modern clinical therapies can offer.

Why a Past Life Reading Can Be Helpful

When you understand why you have an energy block when it comes to a certain situation, it can be released, allowing the energies to flow once again. It can also reveal many of the life lessons that have been repeated over many life times without resolution, thus allowing you to resolve them in

the present, a process which brings with it happiness and joy in the present. Plus, for every life lesson learned, the course of future incarnations is advanced.

Lessons To Be Learned By Exploring Past Lives

Past life exploration can be helpful in a number of situations.

* Behavioural issues that have persisted for years, which seemingly have no cause, can be tracked to an event in a past life, explored and healed.

* Dysfunctional relationships; Instant intense attraction or instant intense dislikes can be resolved.

* Irrational fears and phobias which have no connection to anything that has happened in this life time, can be sourced and resolved.

* The source of undiagnosed chronic pain can be identified, and the healing process begun.

* Strong emotional reactions to people, places or situations can be explained.

Its Not All About The Negative Experiences!

A part life reading can be incredibly rewarding. Many people access hidden strengths and talents that they were previously unaware of. Learning about accomplishments that have lain hidden in your subconscious can be a great confidence boost! This confidence will enable you to move forwards with more confidence and self-assuredness in the present.

* Rediscover past happiness and use it as a tool to deal with difficulties in the present.

* Rediscover your life’s purpose.

* Identify current loved ones that have shared previous life times with you.

A past life reading can allow you to release negativity about the present allowing you to feel freer in the here and now. Your current life time will start to make a lot more sense; You will understand more about who you are and why you do the things that you do, as you will have been able to take a look at the bigger picture – the threads that make up the tapestry of your life.

Open the door to a deeper level of understanding and get your past life reading by calling 0800 067 8371 or visit our How to book page.


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