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11th September 2017
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Who, or What are Shadow People?

Shadow People

Shadow People; just the name sounds like something out of a horror film. Do these creatures really exist? If so what are they? Are they simply ghosts or do they come here from another dimension, or even another world? Whatever they are, sightings and experiences have been reported on a worldwide scale. Some of the earliest reports of encounters with shadow people date back to the 1800’s, though they do appear in the writings of a number of different belief systems around the world.

Are Shadow People Ghosts?

Over the years a great deal of research has been carried out into what have been termed Shadow People, the results are very varied between research institutes across the globe but the answer to the question is both yes and no. Experiences with shadow people do not fit into a single category of paranormal phenomena, with ghosts and hauntings being only one of the categories they fall into. There is no denying that these reported encounters do reflect the information gathered from more traditional ghostly or haunting experiences, though they also differ. While many people report seeing the dark outline or form for a figure, often described as being ‘blacker then black’, which walks through their room. There is very little interaction reported during these sightings, which does reflect a haunting situation in many cases.

What Makes Shadow People Different from Ghosts?

For many people that have reported encountering shadow people, they described the event as engaging with something real, something with natural movement, and ultimately something menacing. It would be natural to assume that the majorities of these encounters take place at night, in a half waking, half sleeping state. But no, most of these encounters take place when people are wide awake, even in broad daylight. As you would expect from something paranormal, the laws of physics do not appear to apply to the movement and behaviour that they exhibit. However, they have been known to leave physical evidence behind in the form of broken or upturned furniture, broken glasses and objects moved out of place.

Infamous Shadow People – The Hat Man

Over time, around eight different categories of shadow people have been defined; the most famous of these being the Hat Man. Descriptions of the Hat Man vary a great deal, but the one thing that remains constant in all the descriptions is that he is seen to be wearing an old-style hat. The more menacing of these entities is the one which sports a fedora. This entity is known to instil a sense or terror in those that see him, and it is thought that this Hat Man is a creature that feeds of the fear of others. This creature which is often described as having burning red eyes, does not fade away like many of the other shadow people do. The Hat Man has been described as simply walking away, as though it were a real person in the physical world. This is not ghost like behaviour, and is widely regarded to be a malevolent entity.

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