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Crystals for Love

Crystals for love

Harness the Power of Crystals for Love

The magical energy of crystals has been used for centuries to help people attract a partner, put a spark back into their relationship or mend a broken heart. Below are some crystals for love and relationship issues how you can use them to get the most from your love life.

Where to start

Whether you are looking for love or already in a relationship, decide which area of your love life needs a boost. Select the most relevant ritual, make sure you have all the relevant crystals and follow the instructions, simple! If there is an affirmation this is best done while holding the crystal while looking at yourself in the mirror. At other times, you can wear crystals in the form of jewellery or place them around your home or under your pillow. The rituals for letting go, such as the healing heartache or letting go of the past are best performed under a full moon, while those to bring new things into your life are best done under a new moon.

Cleansing your Crystals

Because crystals and gemstones absorb energies around them, its very important to cleanse your crystals. You should always clean your crystals before using them to get rid of any negative energy that they may have absorbed prior to you buying them. The most effective way to do this is to soak them in a solution of salt and water. Then allow them to dry naturally. Alternatively, you can hold each crystal under running water and allow them to dry in the sun. It is very important not to allow anyone else to use your crystals, as they can easily absorb another persons energy.

Charging your Stones

Now your crystals are cleansed and ready to be made yours, you need to charge them with energy. This is known as “programming”. All this means is that you want to give your crystal a purpose and instil it with your personal energy. As we are charging our crystals for love, hold the crystal in your hands, focus on the crystal and say out load: “This crystal is dedicated to bringing love into my life” or whatever you want the crystal to do. Try being as specific as possible. To give your crystals an extra boost, you can light a White candle and pass the crystal through the flames as you say your affirmation. Then leave the candle to burn with the light directly on the crystals.

Rose Quartz Heart

Attract Love into your Life: If you are looking for a loving partner, one of the best stones to use is Rose Quartz. Place the crystal by the side of your bed and repeat the following affirmation every day. You will soon find that when you are more open to love, it will soon find you.

“I attract love into my life. I am a magnet for love”.

You can get some beautiful Rose quartz products on Amazon at very reasonable prices.

Rhodonite Gemstones

Restore Trust in a Relationship: You may have trust issues in your relationship due to one of you straying.  There may have been some lies told in the past or it may just be that you constantly feel suspicious of the other partner. If so, you can put things right by carrying a piece of Garnet, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz or Watermelon Tourmaline in your pocket or bag, or placing them by your bed. Each morning repeat this affirmation whilst holding your chosen stone

“I am loving, I am trusting, I open my heart to trust”.

Citrine gemstone

Bring more Love & Positivity into your Partnership:Want to increase the connection between you and your partner? Carry or wear a piece of Ametrine with you. If you want the relationship to be more loving wear Citrine, sometimes known as the “Cuddle Stone” over your heart or carry in your pocket.

Halite Cluster

Let go of the past:

Thinking about what might have been can be a dangerous practice. It stops you focusing on what you have here and now. Take a Halite Cluster, attach it to the head of your shower so the water can wash over it, then jump in. As the water washes over the stone it will shower you with cleansing energies. While you shower say out load

I let go of the past and embrace the present.”

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