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12th January 2016
Crystal Children
Crystal Children
13th January 2016
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Indigo Children

Indigo Children

Star children can be divided into three categories; Crystal, Rainbow and Indigo Children. All of these children have chosen to be born to parents that will nurture their natural abilities and skills. All of these children are especially gifted and all are unique.

Indigo – The First Star Children

Indigo children have been on Earth for around the last one hundred years. A large amount of these children were born in the aftermath of World War II. Another wave of indigo children followed in the 1970’s. The majority of indigo children were born between 1970 – 1992. Indigo children are warriors. They have no problem standing up for what they feel is right, they will also fight for they believe in. Indigo children are not easily manipulated and have little or no tolerance for dishonesty and deceit. One of the main purposes of the indigo children was to highlight the dysfunctional systems that were in place in all areas of society, from education to government. They called for change to the way that parents brought up their children as well as encouraging changes in healthcare; removing archaic methods of working that were no longer viable.

Indigo children are so called as they are born onto the Indigo Soul Ray which is linked to incarnation and evolution. These children have clairvoyant as well as healing abilities, the indigo blue colour is also almost always visible in their auras. Indigos are intelligent and sensitive and more often then not they are very creative, either showing artistic gifts or being gifted with technology. Many indigo children have troubled teenage years. With the onset of puberty and an influx of hormones they start to feel out of place. They rebel, not only against their parent but also against authority and they often suffer from depression.

The purpose of the indigos was and is still to change the archaic energy grid of the planet. A million small changes undertaken by millions of indigos around the world altered the energy grid in order to create a pathway for the crystal children which were to follow them.

If you think you or someone you know is an indigo, make sure to take the Indigo Child Test to find out.

The other two categories of star children are known as Rainbow Children and Crystal Children. Check out our other articles for more information. If you would like some psychic guidance see our how to book page or call our friendly customer care line on 0800 0678371.


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