Connecting and communicating with your Angels

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Connecting and communicating with your Angels

connecting with your angels

While many people believe that they are indeed surrounded by angelic beings, they are often at a loss to know how to connect to them or even communicate with them so that a relationship can be formed. In practice, the process of connecting and communicating is simple, so simple that anyone with a wish to can do it if they try. Once you are familiar with the signs of angel communication you will begin to recognise when they are around you and feel comfortable in their presence.

Everyone, no matter what they may believe is surrounded by angels all the time. We are never truly alone as there is always someone walking beside us. Even when we are oblivious to their presence they continue to guide and direct us along life’s path. Many people take comfort from knowing that they are not making the journey alone, and once you open up a relationship with your angels you will find that you have the support that you need whenever you need it. They will never make a decision for you, nor will they ever tell you directly what it is you must do, but they will support whichever choices you make and where possible try and guide you in the right direction.


What Exactly are Angels?

Ask a hundred people and you will probably get a hundred varied answers, but they will all generally agree on one thing; that angels are an embodiment of Universal Love. They allow is to connect with our own inner energy and understand that which is referred to as out higher self. While angels are commonly viewed as a construct of the church, something which makes the concept of angels hard to grasp for many people, angels are in fact non denominational entities. They appear in all religions around the world, though their names may differ the message that they bring is always the same, always love.

Though they are there to guide us they are always aware that everyone has free will, the ability to make their own decisions. No matter how dire the situation you find yourself in they will not dissuade you from choosing whichever path you opt for; what they will do is help you travel that path the best way possible. The only exception to this basic rule occurs when your life is in jeopardy, they you may be ‘nudged’ out of danger.


Angel Communication – The Basics

It is generally thought that all you need to do to get the help you need from your angels is to ask for it. Asking is one thing; actually believing in what you are asking for is another. The first step towards successful angelic communication is to actually believe 100% in what you are doing. Once you have your belief it is time to work on enhancing your awareness and engaging your senses.

The basics of angelic communication are pretty simple – you ask; you receive and then you show your gratitude. Ask for the help you need, whether it is the answer to a question, a response to a prayer or simply a heartfelt desire. How you ask is entirely personal, the request could be said aloud or simply spoken in your mind. Do not be afraid to ask what you truly wish for. Many people choose to ask their angels for guidance, to know which direction to move their lives forwards in.

Next you should be prepared to receive the answers you seek. The messages you are awaiting could take a number of different forms. Don’t expect to hear a voice, or have the answer spelled out for you in easy to understand terms immediately either. Keep your eyes, ears and mind open to a response. Once you have received your guidance acknowledge the help of the angels and thank them, or the universe or whatever you feel comfortable with for helping you on this occasion.


Understanding Angelic Messages

Many people fail to realise just how much guidance they receive from their angels, simply because they do not know how to recognise the messages that they are being given. In order to hear/see/feel/interpret their messages you must first be truly open to receiving them. Many messages appear through what is commonly referred to as coincidence or synchronicity; those odd little incidents that happen to us which we write off as being ‘strange’ yet somehow deliver to us the very answers we were searching for. It could be a specific song played on the radio; advertising copy or a random sign in the street that you notice which suddenly seems out of place or even better makes perfect sense just when you need it. These are all external messages delivered to us as the angels interact with our lives.

There are other internal forms of communication which the angels utilise to communicate with us, which trigger all or some of our senses. These are the messages which are more immediate, more direct and more personal. Often we refer to these messages in terms of our instinct or gut feelings, suddenly we get a feeling that something is wrong and we will change our behaviour to suit; for example not boarding a plane or taking a trip because something ‘feels off’. When you ask something of your angels make a point of listening to what your body and your senses are telling you almost straight away.

There is also another way to hear the messages sent from our angels and this can be achieved through deep thought or meditation. Sometimes the answers we seek will appear as images in our minds eye, it may be a word or a phrase which makes sense, or suddenly the whole of your problem suddenly becomes clearer as you are granted an extra level of insight.


Is it Real?

It is very easy to write off all of these messages to coincidence or Ego – you finding the answers to your own questions. In judging the validity of the message you must realise that there will never be anything negative, harsh or scolding in their tone or the information that the angles deliver. While any voice you hear in your head which gives you your answer may sound like your own, it is not. The image which appeared in your mind’s eye was directly placed there, not conjured by your own imagination. If you are not sure about what you have received don’t be afraid to ask for clarification from your angels, as they will do what they can to make things clearer for you to understand.

Once you truly understand that they are there, your angels will be a positive force in your life. You will understand that no matter how low you may feel, you are never alone and all you need do is ask for their help and they will deliver.


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