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Aura Reading

Aura Reading

Auras – Spiritual Beacons

To the casual listener, the word aura means something like ‘light or vibes emanating from a person’. We all know about auras when we talk about connections between persons and the vibes that do or do not match. An aura is a scientifically proven and studied means of reading a person’s true intentions. It is the result of cosmic electro photonic vibrations of an object when it comes in contact with an external stimulus. Auras can be observed as halos of ambient light in different colors around every living (and even non-living) object.

Normally, it’s the mediums and clairvoyants that read auras. Trained aura readers can study a person’s aura(s) and analyze his physical, mental, and emotional self to great depths. However, it is possible for anyone to train themselves to detect and interpret auras.

How To Read Auras

The first thing you need is a neutral background, like a wall, and non-glaring lighting. The subject is placed before the background. The next step is to concentrate on the person, preferably at the forehead (from where Auric light emanates the strongest). With a good amount of concentration, gradually, the reader is able to see a faint glow or aura around the person. The reader is advised not to shift focus to the aura but to keep it fixed on the person.

With practice, the aura reader can learn to read different auras and also to interpret their meaning.

Aura Colors: What They Mean

All aura colors are tell-tale signs of the person’s true inner state. Although different shades of the same color may indicate different states of mind, the basic auric interpretations are:

•    REDS: Show the degree to which a person is active and his desire for activity or being energetic. Children usually have red auras.

•  ORANGES: Show the level of independence and ambition. These people are enterprising and pioneering. Public leaders and organizers possess this aura.

•    YELLOWS: Show the kind of positivity and childlikeness in a person.

•    GREENS: People with green auras are care-givers. They are goal-oriented, passionate, and tenacious.

•    BLUES: Show wisdom and good communication skills. Blue auras show deep spirituality, tranquility, and patience.

•    WHITE: Shows a deep interest in the arts and socializing.

•    PINKS: Show activeness, agility, and innocence.

•    BLACK: This aura depicts deep, intense focus and also inhibition.

This person likes to create a protective shield around himself.

The study of auras, along with other ways of understanding a person, can contribute greatly in developing great relationships, personally or at work.

By accepting that an Aura never lies, one can delve deeper into a person’s true persona to one’s own benefit.


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