13th January 2016
Crystal Children

Crystal Children

What are Crystal Children? One of the three categories of Star Children, crystal children started to appear from 1990 until around 2010, though there are a […]
13th January 2016
Indigo Children

Indigo Children

Star children can be divided into three categories; Crystal, Rainbow and Indigo Children. All of these children have chosen to be born to parents that will […]
12th January 2016

Is Happiness a Choice?

While moods and emotions are in part determined by genetics and the way that we have been brought up, a large percentage of the happiness that […]
18th December 2015
Psychic Pets

Psychic Pets

Animals have many abilities; not only do they deliver unconditional love to us their owners at all times, they are also employed in roles which benefit […]
18th December 2015
Psychic Protection

What is Psychic Protection and Why Do I Need It?

For someone with even the slightest of psychic gifts getting to grips with the ins and out of psychic protection is essential; but what exactly is […]
5th August 2015
Lucky charms talismans amulets

Charms, Amulets and Talismans

If you think of good luck charms, protective amulets and talismans as things of the past, something modern life has somehow done away with, then think […]
4th April 2015

The Law of Attraction – Attracting Positivity and Abundance

How many times have you hear the phrase ‘money attracts money’ or the ‘like attracts like’? Believe it or not this is a simple way of […]
4th April 2015
Are soulmates real?

Soul Mates – Are they Real or Just a Myth?

Millions of people spend their lives alone because they believe that there is only one person in the world that they could be happy with. They […]
18th March 2015
connecting with your angels

Connecting and communicating with your Angels

While many people believe that they are indeed surrounded by angelic beings, they are often at a loss to know how to connect to them or […]
19th August 2014
Dream Meanings

Top 10 Most Common Dreams and their Meanings

What does your dream mean? Despite the fact that millions of people claim not to dream, they really do; it’s just that they can’t remember doing […]