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Reach your full potential with a Cosmic Power reading - helping you identify and make the most of the positive qualities you possess in order to cope with your personal, emotional and working life.Free Cosmic Power Astrology Reading

Each mini reading of up to 8 pages contains your personal birth chart and describes in detail the positive characteristics you were born with.

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Forecaster - Astrology Report Is There True Love In His Kiss? Discover how Soul Mates can improve your relationship. Are you meant to be together? How well do you really get on? Enjoy yourselves more knowing exactly how well matched you are and your future potential for sharing happiness with each other.
Forecaster - Astrology Report The Secret Of A Better RelationshipStar Lovers compatibility confirms how you feel about one another, revealing each of your lover's secret passions, desires and needs, helping you both make a success of being together.
Forecaster - Astrology Report Find Out How Sexy You Are Intimate Lover takes an honest look at your sexuality. Helping you understand more about the reasons why you behave and react towards your lover, what you need from them as a sexual partner and find most exciting and important about making love.
Forecaster - Astrology Report Lovers Compatibility - 10 Report Package
Soul Mates and Star Lovers for you both
2 Intimate Lover Reports 2 Lovers Guide Year Ahead
2 Soul Scope Profiles 2 Soul Guide Year Trends
Forecaster - Astrology Report Ultimate Relationship Report 16 Report Package
Same as Lovers Compatibility Plus:
2 Young Life Reports 2 Soul Guide Year Trends
2 Predictor 12 months 2 Life Destiny Reports