Your Predictor 12 Month Reading"Know How And When To Plan Ahead"
Predictor Year Forecast
A 12 Month Predictor Reading provides precise timing of major events, opening up doors of opportunity and understanding which might otherwise remain firmly shut.

Life, in common with the planets, moves in cycles and knowing when those cycles begin and end is invaluable when it comes to living your life to the full.

Your Predictor provides you details of the following planetary cycles and what they personally mean to you, with a day to day overview of the planets detailing;
Venus (Is about pleasure and relationships) Mercury (Shows how well you are communicating) The Sun ( 'Highlights' the quality of other events) as well as the more significant events.

Pluto - Denotes life changing events. Neptune - Signifies creative periods. Uranus - Can indicate unusual events. Saturn - Reveals structure in your life. Jupiter - Is about opportunity and your beliefs. Mars - Shows how you use your energy.

Same reading as Forecaster but with astrological headings.
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